Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bad homilies...

I try to go to daily mass a few times a week, I don't always make it but I always feel better when I do get to go. Given the number of different Masses I've attended both on Sunday and during the week it's inevitable that you'll hear a bad homily or two. Sometimes a homily just doesn't speak to you or half way through you wonder where Father is trying to go with this. I never fault anybody for swinging and missing, at least they gave it their best shot. What frustrates me, and everyone out there will have to let me know if they've ever experienced anything like this, is when you can tell that the priest just didn't really put any effort into it. I remember a couple of times sitting there after the homily was over and thinking "that's it?". I think it's even more fustrating when the homily doesn't actually have anything to do with the reading for the day.

Oh well, I guess I didn't have any real point...just wanted to rant.