Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spiritual Warfare

I used to wonder if such a thing as Spiritual Warfare existed. After coming back to the Church and listening to a lot of Father Corapi, you better believe I believe in spiritual warfare.

The reason I bring this up is because of a couple of stories that have been in the news and the Catholic blogosphere over the past couple of weeks.

The first being the story of PZ Myers and his plot to desecrate the Eucharist. The second being the "ordination" of three women in Boston, all of this in the middle of World Youth Day. If you think about it, it's Satan's counterweight to the things that are going on in Australia. I watched and read about all the things that were going on at WYD and how many of the young people were on fire for the faith. These are the leaders of tomorrow and if they fight the good fight, finish the course and keep the faith, the Church is in good hands.

As for the PZ Myers and "ordained" Catholic priest of the world...these too will pass.