Wednesday, September 10, 2008

But every year for the past two decades, Mr. Wright has led a revival at the Elmwood United Presbyterian Church in New Jersey, and on Sunday he returned, this time with kind words for the man who called him “divisive and destructive.”

Preaching about God’s power to transform ordinary believers into extraordinary people, Mr. Wright cited the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, then talked about Mr. Obama, the Democratic nominee for president.

“Twenty years ago,” he told the crowd at Elmwood’s branch here on Clinton Avenue, “a scrawny little kid, pointed nose, big-eared, mama from Kansas, daddy from Kenya — the Lord told him, an ordinary black boy, ‘You can be a state senator and you can bring folk to the bargaining table who not only do not talk to one another, these folk don’t like one another.’

“He did what the Lord said,” Mr. Wright continued, “an ordinary black boy like Mary was an ordinary little girl. Not only did he become a state senator, this black boy with an African daddy from Kenya and a white American mama from Kansas, he had the audacity to hope, so he ran for the United States Senate.
“And now,” Mr. Wright said, as cheers rang from the audience and the organist punctuated his words, “Oh, my God, and now — whoo!”

The Obama campaign declined to comment on the remarks, which were similar to ones Mr. Wright made last month at a church in Houston

Now you all will have to correct me if I'm wrong but I'd say Our Lady was anything but ordinary...